American Dub BoxSets

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11 great dubbing Boxsets at an unbeatable price! There's something here to cover just about any tying task at hand.Scud/ShripA dubbing designed specifically for one of the most abundant fish foods: Scuds and Shrimp. Primary colors with just a hint of Pearl Blue UV. Each color is a natural mix of both synthetic fibers and natural hair for a very spiky buggy finish. Ties well down to size 20. Czech Nymph UVConsisting of rabbit, hare hair, fine tri-lobal fiber, camel underhair, fine pearlescent firbers, and UV Ice fibers. 12 very popular colors including hot spot colors like Pink, Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Violet. Pop these dubbings under a black light and see the amazing UV Florescent effect!LightinA medium course 100% synthetic dubbing great for larger flies. A combination of four synthetic fibers creates this great dubbing. Great for egg flies, large nymphs, jig flies, and especially suited for streamers and baitfish and/or saltwater patterns. Brush it out with a piece of velcro for a breathing glow under water. Beaver Plus UVRecognized as one of the finest furs for dry fly tying. A unique blend of beavers underfur and a touch of super fine trilobal fiber, and UV ice fiber. Pop it under a black light and see the great Florescent effect!Deer Hair UVHi-floating mixture with cut, dyed, and curled winter deer hair, blended with fine and UV ice dubbing fibers. Great for dry Caddis patterns or just as useful in nymph applications like spikey thoraxes. 12 natural colors are great for matching the hatch. Angel Hair100% finely shredded Mylar. Can be used as dubbing or wing material. Great to give streamer patterns that extra flash or to make your nymphs stand out in the drift. Very effectie as dubbing on many types of buggers, soft hackles, and emerger patterns. Combine it with other natural materials to bring great effect. Texture is medium course yet it's very easy to dub or tease out as a wing or tail.Hare PlusA blend of Hares Ear guard hairs, fine Antron, and a small touch of Micro sparkle fibers. Will produce a very spiky translucent appearance. 12 colors suited for imitating caddis, mayfly, stoneflys. Used for nymphs as well as dry flies. Antron100% synthetic, has a special translucency which reflects light across the water column. Fine texture with vibrant colors. Dubs very easily. Great for dry flies, wets, nymphs, and streamers. Can be used in very small patterns and large steelhead patterns alike. UV-X100% synthetic blend of earth tone and fluorescent colors. A unique multi spectrum blend that emits a variety of color wave lengths. Often compared to real seal material in consistency. Medium course in texture with vibrant colors. Use in a dubbing loop or add it directly to waxed thread. Perfect for large stoneflies, big nymphs, and streamers. Pop this one under a black light and see the great UV properties. Fine Dry100% synthetic. The finest denier fiber blended into an exceptional dry fly dubbing. Ties extremely small flies down to 32 midge patterns. Perfect for any dry fly like caddis, mayflies, emergers, terrestrials. No dubbing loop required, just spin it on your thread. A great dubbing for beginners. New PeacockPerfect substitution for peacock herl. Makes tying buggy looking and durable "peacock" fly bodies a breeze! Each color is actually a blend of numerous colors - designed to imitate the natural color that reflects multi colors. Easy to use for wet, nymph, and dry fly patterns. UV Black, brown, and green are included in the 12 colors. Great for thoraxes on many competition patterns.