Bug Olive Brass CounterSunk TroutLegend Beads (25packs)

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CounterSunk, "Cyclops," or Regular Bore as they are often called beads have been the industry standard for decades. Great for many different applications. 25pcs per pack TroutLegend Brass Beads are proven competition winners. CounterSunk Brass beads are an excellent choice, including Lake Flies and lightly weighted nymphs for the angler who is fishing skinny water or utilizing split shot. For the Compeition Angler, Brass Beads can "fine tune" an angler's assortment of weighted flies, filling the "inbetween" weights of the usual tungsten weighted Jig flies. Just tie the same patterns on Nymph hooks for easy visual identification. With an assortment of brass and tungsten beaded nymphs an angler can truly "dial in" any drift on the planet.