Catgut Biothread

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Catgut is a material unlike any other that brings a natural, life like milky translucent appearance to your patterns. Soak the amount you want to use in warm water for 3minutes and then go to town! The color will transition from opaque to transparent when wet. Your fishing buddies will fall over themselves wondering how you got your Nymphs to look like this. Since it turns translucent, try different base thread colors for creative combinations. Some say this material has magical powers... we find our finned friends agree. Length aprox 50cm/bag Size L is for hooks #8 and #10 Size M is for hooks #12 and #14 Size S is for hooks #14 and #16 Size XS is for hooks #16 and #20 L=0.7mm M=0.5mm S=0.3mm XS=0.18mm Special treated for a long durability in water