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When matching bead size to hook size, many tiers will go up and/or down a size depending on if they want more or less weight, but also if they want a "long" vs "short" tapering body.  A larger bead on a smaller hook will provide more weight but a short body taper.  We sat down and looked at bead vs hook size for the Trout Legend Jig, Fulling Mill Jig, and Dohiku Jig hooks.  Here is a nice general sizing reference below. Choose the first hook size if in doubt (3mm/14).

Bead Size - Hook Size

4.0mm  -  8, 10

3.5mm  -  10, 12

3.0mm  - 14, 16

2.5mm  -  16, 18

2.0mm  -  18

Here's a nice sizing chart from Dohiku:

 Breaking Strength Of Various Threads (from Veevus Site)

For those who are interested, we compared the breaking-strength for the veevus threads with UNI, Benecchi, Gudebrod, Griffiths, Danville and UTC.

Danville 6/0 = around 450g
Gudebrod 6/0 = around 920g
UNI 6/0 = around 930g

veevus 6/0 = above 1kg

UNI 8/0 = around 450g
Gudebrod 8/0 = around 450g
UTC 140 = around 935g
veevus 8/0 = above 1kg

Gudebrod 10/0 = around 270g
UTC 70 = around 453g
Benecchi 10/0 = around 680g
veevus 10/0 = around 800g

Benecchi 12/0 = around 450g
veevus 12/0 = around 530g

Griffiths 14/0 = around 450g
veevus 14/0 = around 520g

UNI 17/0 = around 114g
Danville 16/0 Spider Web = around 141g
veevus 16/0 = around 430g