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Guinea Fowl Feathers
Hare's Mask Grade #1
Hareline Silicone Bead Pad
Hends 2strand Synton Thread
Hends Barred Zonker Strips 4mm
Hends Barred Zonker Strips 6mm
Hends Body Quills
Hends Body Thread

Hends Body Thread



Hends Booby Eyes (Black)
Hends Booby Eyes (Olive)
Hends Booby Eyes (Orange)
Hends Booby Eyes (White)
Hends CDC Feathers (1gram packs)
Hends Dubbing Box Sets
Hends Effect Thread
Hends Elastic Thread
Hends Estaz Chenille 10mm
Hends Estaz Chenille 15mm
Hends Estaz Chenille 4mm
Hends Estaz Chenille 6mm
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