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  • TL Selected Pheasant Tail Center Feathers

From the entire range of feathers received from hunters we select only the best center pheasant tail feathers with the longest barbs possible. We clean them gently from blood or dirt, we wash them with detergent to wash away the natural grease and we use the finest dye available to obtain beautiful colors. We don't bleach the feathers because the dye color over natural will provide beautiful shades.

Technical Information:

  • to obtain a beautiful body for your flies we recommend to  fix the barbs from the tip
  • to obtain a nice shape for bodies we recommend not to tiwst the barbs
  • to have a delicate and an uniform body we recommend to use no more than 3 or 4 barbs for  one fly, is better to make an underbody in a carrot shape using body thread
  • all colors are dyed over  natural,  for this reason not all are identical
  • one selected feathers delivered in bag

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TL Selected Pheasant Tail Center Feathers

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