Jig "B Stock" TroutLegend Competition Hooks (100packs)

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The TL (TroutLegend) line of hooks are competition level hooks at competitive prices. These strong barbless hooks won't bend out, feature long needle like points to hold fish combined with excellent hook gape. Thorougly tested for fish holding prowess and durability. These "B Stock" Jig Hooks have perfect strong wire, long round needle spears, and excellent shanks and formed eyes, but slightly irregular jig bends. At the tying bench you may want to open up the bend with just a slight pinch of a pair of pliers. As is, I've tested them thoroughly and they stick and hold fish with ease. However, I'm a nut for consistency that's why these are being sold in 100 packs as "B Stock". See the 2nd Photo. This is a randomn sample of hooks, but one is a $9/25 leading brand.