Mallard Back, Neck, Hen Belly Feathers

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Mallard hen belly are made based on game birds and for this reason we guarantee the best quality ever. More than than all these feathers are prepared and selected by hand to be nice and full of bright colors. You can do with them fantastic wet french flies like Mouche Peute, Devaux Sedges, sedge flanc de canne, Europea 12 and many more. These beautiful and delicate feathers are light-tan, to light brown to mottled and will mach a wide range of colors of your local flies. Mallard Back Feathers are from the base of the neck in the back area of the wild duck male. These feathers are very nice spotted with a grey-brownish main color. Mallard Back Feathers are great for making wings for sedges, stone flies, legs for dry flies, wet flies and legs and wing cases for nymphs. 30-35feathers/bag Mallard Neck Feathers are used for making wings for sedges and stone flies and tie wet flies. In the same time can be used for making wing cases for nymphs Mallard Neck Feathers are very nice colored and it comes in bags of 35 hand selected feathers.