Pro Staff


Mark Hanes - CoFounder - PA


Mark has been fly fishing and fly tying for 25 years. He is one of those guys that is constantly working to improve and learn more about the sport. He is currently also a licensed fly fishing guide in Pennsylvania that loves to share his passion and knowledge with others. With years of competitive fly fishing under his belt, he is also an assistant coach of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team. Mark is also a two time champion along with his partner David Woody of the “Harman’s North Fork Invitational”. Although the medals and time fishing with teammates nothing makes Mark happier than spending time with wife Brooke and two stepdaughters and sharing his passion for the great outdoors with them. Mark is not only an accomplished angler he also a conservationist. He is a life member of Trout Unlimited that has served as the president of his local Iron Furnace Chapter of Trout Unlimited for the past six years. On top of that, he is also a regional Vice President of the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited. Mark currently calls the streams around Brookville Pennsylvania home and if not found on the stream or fly tying bench you can usually find him enjoying time with the family. You can also follow some of Mark’s adventures and tips on the TroutLegend News Blog. - President of Iron Furnace Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  - Former Assistant Coach for US Youth Fly Fishing Team - Competitive Fly Fisherman from 2010 to 2015 - Americas Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament 2012 Individual Silver Medalist - Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming Pro Staff Member - Harman's North Fork Invitational Two time winner - Featured on Fly Rod Chronicles - Youtube contributor on Fly Rod Chronicles and TroutLegend's channels - Over 10 years of fly tying instruction experience with TroutUnlimited Chapter - Lead Contributor to Troutlegend News Blog and Social Media - Founding member of Team Headwaters fly fishing team.

Codey Schlemmer - PA


Codey fishes 300 days a year and is director for the Allegheny Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and active in the Pennsylvania council of Trout Unlimited. "I mostly fly fish for trout, but also have experience fishing for pike/musky. I love Ice fishing if and when we freeze up.I am a member of the National Fly Fishing League, and Team USA Fly Fishing. I am an active member of team Dead Drift Mid-Atlantic. I fish competitively in the NFFL and the Western Pa Hardwater series. I'm a Pfbc certified fishing, and fly fishing instructor. I do several demos, fishing events, and tying classes a year. Ive also helped to organize competitions, and classes. Also im in the process of starting an outfitting business and will be guiding float, wade, and ice fishing trips. In 2019 as Allegheny Mountain Outfitters."

 Polly Ann - MO


 Growing up in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri I've spent my entire life outdoors hunting and fishing, but I didn't actually pick up a fly rod until 2008. From that moment it has become my obsession. I have pursued trout in MO, MT, WY, CO, AR, TN and salmon/steelhead in MI several times a year. Most weekends you can find me floating or wading a Missouri trout stream. When I'm not fishing for trout I'm chasing pan fish and bass in a local lake. Recently I've become a bit of a streamer junkie tying and fishing articulated streamers. Nothing beats the thrill of an apex predator hammering your fly! I am a proud supporter of the Gateway Chapter of TU, The Mayfly Project and Project Healing Waters.


Sean Whitman - PA

49635208-2143713729019683-4838487895410999296-n.jpgFishing and spending time on NE Pennsylvania’s streams are a major part of my family’s heritage. I learned at a young age about the peace and joy that can be found outdoors. As I grew older I drifted away from fishing a bit but my interest was reignited one day as I drove past a local river. I saw people fishing for trout that were rising to the surface which was something I had never seen before. Trout were always a beautiful and elusive fish by my understanding so given all of this observable activity I was compelled to try to catch one. It was tough going for me at first. I hardly caught any fish. I think I had connected with something at a much deeper level that kept bringing me back to the river aside from catching fish. Something about pursuing trout with all of your senses completely engaged really keeps you anchored to the present moment. This is the essence of my passion for fishing. I have also found my time at the vice tying flies to bring much of the same inner peace and stillness. It’s a time to let creativity flow without any hindering thoughts. There are many people who I owe thanks to for helping me in my pursuit of passion. The local fishermen taught me technique, etiquette, gave me equipment, taught me how to tie flies, and most importantly showed me how to try to give this gift of fly fishing to others. These are values that I carry with me and do my best to pass on to others.


Tyler Olrogg - NY


I have always been in love with the outdoors, but I have been fly fishing ever since I turned 11. I actually caught my first trout out of a river on my birthday and I haven't looked back since. Fly fishing for trout is my passion, and even though I hope to try my hand at some other species soon, trout will always be my favorite. I am entering my 3rd season of competitive fly fishing ad a member of Team Confluence. Nymphing is definitely my strength, but I am constantly working add tactics to my arsenal. I am a proud member of the Lake Erie Chapter of Fly Fisher's International and an undergraduate student in the fisheries biology program at Mansfield University. On the side, I run a blog and podcast entitled Beyond the River where I share my own personal experiences on and off the water, as well as talk with other people about all aspects of fly fishing.