Stealth Black Tungsten Slotted TroutLegend Beads (25packs)

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It's tough to capture these beads on film because we had our production crew try to improve on the standard Matte Black finish, after several attempts we have "Stealth Black" beads! Very low light reflection with this ultra matte deep black paint. Great for all your stealthy, "nothing to refuse", picky trout patterns.TroutLegend Tungsten Beads are proven competition winners. Top Anglers on the World scene prefer Tungsten Slotted beads for many applications especially Jig style flies. Slotted beads offer true 90 degree weight distribution on jig hooks. Get your flies down where the fish are feeding!Guaranteed 98% Tungsten Industry Standard Precision Molded to Precise Specifications 4mm Beads and smaller satisfy FipsMouche Competition Guidelines