Syndicate 201BK Standard Nymph

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Syndicate barbless hooks are the best choice for fly fishing competitions or catch and release angling. Made from high carbon steel with a stealth black finish, these hooks are extremely sharp and hold fish better than standard barbless hooks. You will enjoy easier hookups on Syndicate hooks versus standard barbless and barbed hooks, due to the long upturned points and carefully designed hook shapes. The 201BK comp hook is the go-to hook for standard nymph and wet fly patterns. Our standard heavy gauge, high carbon steel wire and matte black finish, make these hooks ideal for light to medium weight nymphs or unweighted wet flies. As with all SYNDICATE competition hooks, the 201BK has an extra-long, upturned point to hold fish better than standard barbless hooks. Available in sizes 16-8 Matte Black Finish