Syndicate P2 Competition Series Fly Rod

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The SYNDICATE P2 competition rod series is exactly what you need to up your euro nymphing game. Renown for its light weight and sensitivity, the P2 is fast becoming one of the most popular competition rods in the United States. Lighter than most rods in the class, the P2 series not only protect fine tippets, but also has the backbone to subdue larger fish when it counts. This rod not only has the appropriate action for european style nymphing, but also throws dry dropper and indicator rigs without issue. This rod is also popular with drift boat guides and PWC anglers, as the length helps increase client drifts, reduce water slap during the backcast and is easy to cast all day. This is the rod of choice for many practicing French nymphing techniques. When casting small flies upstream on light tippets, this is the weapon of choice for super sensitive tightline angling. The SYNDICATE P2 1134 is a big water fly rod designed for tighline nymphing on larger rivers. A substantial butt section, with a full wells grip and fighting butt make this rod model perfect for chasing larger fish. Not only does this fly rod excel at European nymphing techniques, it will also throw all of the WF 3 weight fly line that you want it to. Whether tightlining, indicator fishing or throwing dry flies, these competition fly rods will protect the smallest of tippets without sacrificing the power necessary to steer larger fish. Alll Rods in this series come with a custom Rod Tube and feature: Helical Carbon Fiber Construction Mid Flex, Fast Recovery Blank 4A Cork Handle Hardwood Reel Seat Insert Aircraft Grade Aluminum Reel Seat Components Matte Finish Olive Blank TiCH Single Foot Guides Ceramic Insert Rings