Tacky Fly Patch

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NEW Tacky Tube offers quick, easy access and storage of your flies in a much more functional and effective way than the brim of your hat. An exciting alternative to the traditional drying patch, Tacky Fishing's innovative new Tacky Tube keeps flies safe and enclosed while allowing plenty of air circulation. Designed to hang from a zinger or lanyard, the Tacky silicone insert holds flies neatly and securely, while the enclosed tubular design keeps them safe while busting through brush or tall grass. When in a rush, flies can be dropped into the Tacky Tube's open end (ideally when tilted at an angle of circa 45 degrees), and will be caught by either of two mounted magnets positioned inside. Tacky Fly Fishing the innovators and creators of the slit silicone insert say "This is the must have fly box for any fly fisherman looking for the perfect fly storage system".