TL Amadou Sheets

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Amadou is a word that for some fishermen doesn’t mean a thing, but for others, it is the key to dry flies. Favored by a lot of anglers for over a century the Amadou is the best material of drying saturated flies while protecting hackle, this natural fungus has received special treatment to be soft. The Best for CDC flies. Sheets are approx 3in x 4.5in "Amadou is a natural material obtained from a certain oak fungus. Is not a simple thing to get because the fungus grows only in very old forest, usually on trees older than 100 years ( difficult to find in Europe in these days ). The fungus is processed in a special way in more than 60days , is hammered with wood hammers, boiled, left in water with ash until the material get softer and delicate like a velvet. Is dried and and then cut in desired shapes and sheets. It is a lot of hand work in a long period of time but in the end we have a nice piece of handcraft that will save the day especially when you fish with CDC flies!" How to use the Classic Amadou Fly Dishing Drier: before to use on wet flies be sure that you washed the fish slime put the flies between amadou and squeeze for a few sec the amadou will completely absorb the water put a drop of CDC oil or gel if you want and the fly will be like new again Technical Details: amadou sheets fixed on support leather all is hand made amadou sheets have a thinkness between 3mm and 8mm