TL Hot Spot Dubbing

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"TL Hot Spot Dubbing is years and years in the making. We tried it on different types of flies like caddis patterns, river wet flies, emergers, streamers and loch flies from Sweden down to Italy. With collaboration with fine fly fishermen from UK, France, Italy, Poland and Slovakia to adjust the colors, the shades and the texture of this superb tying material. We tried to find the perfect mix of synthetic fibers in different colors to have the desired texture and mobility in water fishing from Spring time until late in Winter. We looked not to have a nice and sexy dubbing to attract fly tiers, but one that would target fish. We mixed different materials, we dropped some types and we replaced them with others. In this way we finally found success to produce the best hot spot type of dubbing that will suit perfectly nymphs, streamers and wet flies. Technical Details: mix of different texture and colors perfect mobility in water , very similar with seal hair nice and shinny colors with sexy shades and sparkles easy-medium to dub dedicated for hot spots How to Use: perfect for nymph collars - just add a pinch just behind the bead to increase the visibility in water and curiosity of the fish do not use a large quantity of material, as sparkle as possible to have mobility and to let the material to "pulse" and "work" in water for spiders and wet flies - just use a little bit of material behind the hackle and tie it as sparse as possible for streamers- you can make bodies with high visibility in water and with high effect