TL Mad Rabbit Dubbing

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"We started years ago to tie our range of flies for private clients and shops. Unfortunately not all product that we bought from producers achieved our quality request so we started to make our range of dubbing. Troutline Mad Rabbit Dubbing was our first material that we started more than 10 years ago to sell it and we have then a fantastic success. Mad Rabbit Dubbing born because we needed a spiky material with short fibers delicate enough to be used for medium and small flies. Also we wanted to use at our range of grayling dry flies to tie torax area. That dubbing should contain a small qty of underfur and to have the best pigmentation. We have different tests, we use squirrel but the guard hair from squirrel was too long. So we started to hand cut the hair from Romanian Hare only from ears and mask area.All this hair is obtained from game hare hunted in Winter time when is very cold and the fur is dense and nice colored. Finally we obtained when we wanted: short guard hair,beautiful colored, spiky look, dense and elastic. A perfect material for our best flies and now a perfect material very appreciated by our clients." Technical Details: hand cut hair only from animal mask and ears only Winter type of hair - nice colored, elastic and dense hand dyed and dried nice range of colors perfect for nymphs and buggy type of dry flies fantastic for emergers and for making torax area for dun flies