TL Super Sensitive Indicator

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TL's super sensitive nymph indicator is a model of strike indicator used in competitions for years. Now, due his efficiency is banned but can be used in daily fishing. The idea is to provide the best sensitivity and to help the fishermen to detect the strike. This thin coiled indicator is so sensitive that will indicate even when the nymphs will touch a piece of floating leaf , sand from the bottom or rocks. Angler's will quickly learn to "decode" how the flies behave under the water film and will see strikes often missed. Note: the indicators we are shipping do not have the micro rings attached, but are included and have ample material on both sides of the coil to attach. These indicators are very sensitve, and very small, about 1inch coil unstretched with a diameter of approx1.8mm Technical Details: super sensitive czech nymph indicator thin and easy to be used 2 micro rings included with extra line on each side to attach resistant- can be used for entire fishing season easy to be followed for both situations : short distance and long distance How to Use: can be used for fishing under the rod tip but also in medium and long casts "Grease" with Mucilin to float should be inserted in the leader before tippet