TL Ultra Dense CDC

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"Finally we are happy to have the most dense feathers that you can find: Ultra Dense CDC Series! These very special CDC feathers are from a special bread of Asian duck that lives all their live on the large and beautiful lakes from Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. These small birds swimming all day long for searching food and their feathers are bright and clean like farm ducks only dream. The CDC feathers are in the perfect shape : dense, clean, elastic and beautiful. The only inconvenient is that the feathers are naturally white. For that we prepared a special dye process for them : Cold Dye technique. The feathers are flooded for one hour in special cold formula ( maximum 35 Celsius degree . In this way the barbs will remain fluffy and dense with their optimum floatability. Aprox 1gram with 200 feathers per pack Technical Details: very dense barbs slim stem very elastic stem high floatability beautifully dyed using Cold Dye Technique