TLBug Ice Princess Complete Kit

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TLBug IcePrin
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The Ice Princess takes the good olde trusty Prince Nymph to the next level. The combination of the Powder Pink Bead, Biot Wings, and Spectra Peacock dubbing just drive fish crazy! Brookies especially love this pattern.We've put together a series of "Tyers Starter Kits" which will take the guess work out of purchasing materials.Each "Tyers Starter Kit" is priced below what it would cost to buy all these materials separately... so rest assured you're getting a great deal!"Ice Princess Kit" includes:1 x Pack G100 Grub Hook size 101 x Pack 3.5mm Tungsten Slotted Powder Pink1 x Pack Stripped Goose Biots1 x Duck Tailing Feathers1 x Spool Veevus 10/0 Black Tying Thread1 x Spool Ultra Wire Small Black