TLBug Mop Fly Complete Tyers Kit

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TLBug Mop Fly
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The "Mop Fly" has taken much of the comp anglers world by storm with many Championship sessions won specifically on this fly. Effective on Trout streams from Colorado to Mongolia. Wild and Stocked fish love it too! This is a big fish finder.We've put together a series of "Tyers Starter Kits" which will take the guess work out of purchasing materials.Each "Tyers Starter Kit" is priced below what it would cost to buy all these materials separately... so rest assured you're getting a great deal!"Mop Fly Kit" includes:10 x 1 Each of our awesome Mop Fly Color Packs (Now 10 Great Colors, 100pcs total!)1 x Spool Hends Thread1 x Pack Size 8 Trout Legend Jig Hooks1 x Pack 3.5mm Trout Legend Black Slotted Tungsten Beads1 x Spool Fox Fire CoPolymer for great ribbing durability!