TLBug Worm2.0 Complete Tyers Kit

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TLBug Worm2.0
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If you haven't fished a Worm 2.0 then what are you waiting for! This is the standard San Juan on performance enhancing steroids. Super elastic Worm 2.0 material is so easy to tie with and creates a bouncy motion in the water that fish just can't pass up. We've put together a series of "Tyers Starter Kits" which will take the guess work out of purchasing materials.Each "Tyers Starter Kit" is priced below what it would cost to buy all these materials separately... so rest assured you're getting a great deal!"Worm2.0 Kit" includes:1 x Our TopColor Worm 2.0 Mix Pack (that's 9 packs of awesome worm colors!)1 x Spool Hot Spot Thread1 x Pack Size 10 Trout Legend C Czech Hooks1 x Pack 3.5mm Trout Legend Metallic Orange Regular Bore Tungsten Beads