TLbugs HotBead Bunny Leech (6 Fly Packs)

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This is a real workhorse for competitive fly fisherpeople on lakes. The short profile Grub hook coupled with the 3.5mm Tungsten bead gives it a nice little bounce as you retrieve it through the water column. Simple, "nothing to refuse" hot bead bunny leeches tied on size 10 Trout Legend Grub Hooks. So grabby. This is a must for anyone chasing Trout in Lakes, ponds, but works great on rivers/streams too! From Stocked to Wild fish. Competition grade flies tied on quality Hooks. These are the same go-to patterns 100s of TroutLegend League Competitors use in tournament play. All TroutLegend Competition Flies come packaged in sets of 6flies. Note: All TL Flies are tied to order and may take 2to5 days for production based on order size and backlog.