TLbugs Pink Worm (6 Fly Packs)

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Pink Worms. When wet these flies have a slight shimmer and natural tone that exactly matches aquatic worms. Big fish can't resist these tasty morsels. Tied with lead on the hump these flies will invert in the water so that the hook pt rides up and won't catch the bottom.Tied on Size 6 Streamer Hooks. Competition grade flies tied on quality TroutLegend Hooks. These are the same go-to patterns 100s of TroutLegend League Competitors use in tournament play. All TroutLegend Competition Flies come packaged in sets of 6flies. Note: All TL Flies are tied to order and may take 2to5 days for production based on order size and backlog.Note: Hook Type may vary from one in picture. We'll pick the best one we have for your flies!