Troutline Tactical Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line

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Troutline Tactical Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line with Colored Tip is our newest line designed based on latest requests from FIPS Mouche competition rules.This nymphing line is very thin, has 0.55mm diameter and is very sensitive. Practically was developed for fishing with perdigon nymphs but works excellent with very small nymphs like Frenchie Nymphs.
The Troutline Tactical Perdigon Nymphing Fly Line helps the fishermen to detect any attack of the fish and is very light in the same time.
The line has a green-olive color to remain stealth in all kind of fishing conditions.

Technical Details:

  • special designed for perdigon nymphing style
  • can be used with very  light nymphs and small nymphs in the same time
  • will aloud to cast small flies with high precision at short and medium distance
  • the fly line has a  parallel profile for a better sensitivity
  • the line has a beautiful stealth main green-olive color with different colored tips
  • aprox 0.55mm diameter of the line
  • micro coated loops on both ends

Tip colors:

  • white tip - dedicated for spooky and very clear waters
  • white-orange tip - dedicated for  very difficult  light conditions