Dohiku Tippet Rings


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Create a super easy and seamless connection between your leader and tippet.Save the environment and keep tippet dollars in your wallet by using the these precision manufactured Tippet Rings by a leader in the barbless hook industry. Manufactured in Japan Smooth Nickel Alloy 10 micro rings per pack.1 pack/10 pieces Code: MKR 4S Inner Diameter: 1,01 mm Outer Diameter: 2,09 mm Weight with 10pcs: 0,075 g Strength: 12,2 kg Code: MKR 3S Inner Diameter: 1,42 mm Outer Diameter: 2,50 mm Weight with 10pcs: 0,110 g Strength: 15,03 kg Code: MKR SS Inner Diameter: 2,01 mm Outer Diameter: 3,17 mm Weight with 10pcs: 0,177 g Strength: 19,90 kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review