TL UV Laser Curing Light


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This torch is developed to provide a UV light in range 390-410nm. Means that this light is in UV Spectrum but in the visible part. For this reason the light color is slightly fluorescent/violet The generator of light is a diode type of laser! Means that the light goes parallel from torch and remain very concentrated in a small round spot. For us is a great way to put a more concentrate light on parts where we applied UV resin and will cure very fast compared with classic torch that have a wide dispersal light angle. Technical Details: laser UV type of light 390-410nm wave range cures UV resins like Trout Line UV Resins, Deer Creek UV Resins, Bug-Bond UV Resin, Loon UV Resins curing time from 1 to 3 seconds depending of how thick is the layer for big streamer heads or big streamers bodies the curing time can vary from 3 sec to seconds Uses AAA batteries can be used for curing the UV Gel applied on waders to fix small leakes Very Important: Do not point the light in the eye because laser light can produce blindness