Worm 2.0 Material SuperPacks


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Worm 2.0 is the next "big thing"! Tie your favorite SanJuan patterns with this original TroutLegend material and prepare to be amazed Trout and many other species just go bonkers over them. Incredible movement and action in the water. Also used as legs or tails in many new river and lake patterns. Extremely strong and elastic - stretches to nearly 4feet without breaking. SuperPacks are 60 pieces per pack! Each piece approx 5inches. TopColor Mix Pack includes: Get 1 of each of our Super Packs in the TopColor Mix. 10 packs total. 3 for free! Looking for single packs go here: https://troutlegend.com/store2/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=103


(No reviews yet) Write a Review